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Our Roads. How we deal with them and what is the future?


We are moving forward with the Road Improvement District proposal that will be considered by all landowners within the boundaries of Hawaiian Acres.  We will be posting more information in the coming weeks.

Our goal is to increase public safety,


Shorten first responder response times in emergency situations,


Better roads reduce wear and tear on vehicles.

Possibility of bus service within the Acres both for school children and residents.

Here are the survey results

2020 Road Survey Results


714 responded


285 voting for option 2


Pave all lettered roads including road 1.

Improved gravel on all other numbered roads


120 voted for option 1


Pave 1 road, as well as, roads B,C, and E.

Improved gravel on all numbered roads including lettered roads D, F and G


188 voted for option 3


Pavement on roads, 1 and E with improved gravel on all other lettered roads or single lane pavement.


122 voted No improvement option 4

From ballots returned as of July 1st.

Please refer to the posted information below for what is involved in the process.


Survey Ballot


Have pictures of your road conditions and you would like to share them with us?


Click here to share road pictures:


Here is the chapter we are concerned about.  File IMP 1 & 2 describe the process  and other information.  Please click on the icon Chapter 12 document to review the entire chapter to read the full process.

HACA-HARC  joint letter

Jan 30 minutes 2020

Feb 11 minutes 2020

March 18th meeting minutes 2021

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