Our Roads. How we deal with them and what is the future?


We are moving forward with the Road Improvement District proposal that will be considered by all landowners within the boundaries of Hawaiian Acres.  We will be posting more information in the coming weeks.

Please refer to the posted information below for what is involved in the process.




The debate is about how we maintain and improve our private road system.  

HACA has formed a Road Improvement District Committee in order to proceed with a plan to submit to Hawaii County to improve our roads. 




This is a nonbinding ballot to get input on the proposed Improvement that will be presented to Hawaii County for consideration.

The survey has closed.  However, you may still submit online as this is an ongoing process


Due to COVID-19, we will be delaying our request to the county for the next 90 days

Here is the chapter we are concerned about.  File IMP 1 & 2 describe the process  and other information.  Please click on the icon Chapter 12 document to review the entire chapter to read the full process.

Jan 30 minutes

Feb 11 minutes

(808) 966-9892

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