Who We Are

A Distinct Identity

Our Hawaiian Acres Community Association is a

501(c)-4 non-profit corporation. 


We are member supported.  Our  board of directors is composed of community members who volunteer their time and expertise to make Hawaiian Acres a better place to live work and play. 

Our mission is to improve our community by dealing with the present while, keeping an eye on our future.


Classes and Events with more to come


Community Market

Focus on Agriculture, Local Food and Artisan products Community interaction.


All Ages

Hula Classes


Call for candidates for all HACA board positions

We are accepting applications for all board positions for the 2021-2022 cycle.

You need to have a desire to serve your community and be willing to attend monthly board meetings and participate in moving our community forward. 

Please read our charter and bylaws to see if you are the right fit. Send us a bio about yourself and we will publish in our newsletter.  You must be a member in good standing (paid membership) and a landowner in Hawaiian Acres.

Applications are open now through November 15th. Elections will be held in January.

Call the office or email us for further information.  Mahalo.

Contact Hawaiian Acres Community Association

Hawaiian Acres Community Association

(808) 966-9892

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