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2023-2024 Board Elections

This page has information about the Board Election that took place during the Hawaiian Acres Community Association Membership Meeting on January 29, 2023

If you have a question about the election that is not covered on this page please contact us at  Mahalo.

Declared Candidates

Click on the button below to view the declared candidates.

If you wish to be on the ballot prior to the Membership Meeting, and you are a paid member, please send your name, the Board position you wish to fill and the background information you wish to share with the community.

Here is a list of Board positions' duties from the Corporation ByLaws.

"… to promote and encourage a better community and civic spirit among and to foster good will and friendship between all residents of Hawaiian Acres; and to cooperate with civic and public organizations for the general welfare of the people and environment of the Island of Hawaii and of the State of Hawaii…"

-Hawaiian Acres Charter

Election Results

Executive Board

President:  Doug Schabell

Vice President:  Belinda Kiley

Secretary:  Lisa Bevier-Sakimura 

Treasurer:  James Kiley

Area Representatives

Area 1:  Two positions open

Area 2Pam Everett; one position open

Area 3:  Jim Hoffman; one position open

Area 4Mark McClintick; one position open 

At LargeBill McClennan 

                    Diane Winslow

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