2021-2022 HACA Board Candidates

Douglas Schabell President

Aloha, I have been a landowner in Hawaiian acres for ten years.  My wife and I moved here from Idaho where we owned and operated a certified organic farm for 20 plus years. In season we would sell at four markets a week and serviced a small 40 member CSA.

I was employed as a manager for a retail store-distribution center owned by a Canadian liquidation company. I was responsible for overseeing the day to day operations at the facility and management of employees. I have always been active by serving on local farmers’ market boards and have worked in various sustainability groups.

Our move to Hawai'i was inspired by our two oldest daughters who are graduates of the University of Hawai'i at Hilo. Our oldest son and his family live in Hawaiian Acres.

 I was appointed to the HACA board in May of 2018 as an Area Three Representative and I also served as a member of the farmers market committee.  In 2019 I was elected president of the Hawaiian Acres Community Association. I am seeking another term as your president for 2021-2022.

A rural lifestyle is important to our family. We live off-grid and continue to operate our small organic farm here. We sell plants and fruits at our community market as well as from the farm gate. 


In order to maintain our agricultural way of life, we must maintain our Agricultural zoning. I for one enjoy the ability to live freely and with a sense of purpose. 

In that aspect, Hawaiian Acres is a unique place and we have to look ahead as the community faces pressure from both outside and internal sources. How we choose to deal with our infrastructure, especially our roads, and the increasing population will determine how our quality of life is affected.  We need to respect those who have been long term landowners and understand their concerns; while at the same time, we need to welcome new landowners who are trying to live out their dreams.  I believe this is where the community association can be of service now and in the future.


Lopaka Milliora Vice President


Aloha, My name is Lopaka Milliora and I am a member of the Hawaiian Acres Community Association. I am also the head coordinator for the Hawaiian Acres Community Watch. I have owned my place since 2014 and lived on Hawai'i island for about 10 years. I was born and raised on the island of O‘ahu and am Kanaka oiwi (blood of this land). 


 I was a foreman for one of the largest construction companies in Hawai'i for about 10 years. I worked side by side with different independent contractors and had about 30 people under me. I also built, designed ornamental gates(driveway gates), fences, painted houses, and did a bunch of handyman work around Hawai'i Island. We now have a small legal ranch/farm business here in Hawaiian Acres where we are encouraging self-sustainability.


 I volunteered a lot with my churches that I attended on O‘ahu and Hawai'i Island. I led Sunday school classes and volunteered with a youth group here in Puna(synergy youth). I also hosted small groups and led different men's ministry groups. I volunteered with the clean up of Hurricane Iselle and the different storms of heavy rains over the past years since I lived on Hawai'i island. I volunteered and continue to clean up or neighborhood and main roads in Puna. I volunteered/volunteer with different food outreach programs in O‘ahu and here on Hawai'i island. I have created an organization called Protect Our Keiki which focuses on ending child sex trafficking, child abuse, Keiki bullying, cyberbullying, and Ohana Strengthening.


 I have a good relationship with our incoming Mayor Mitch Roth, Hawai'i County Prosecutor Kelden Waltjen, and county councilman Matt Kanealii Kleinfelder. I also have a good relationship with HPD and our community police officer, officer Miyose.


 I will be starting school this spring and will be majoring in political science with a minor in business which I believe could help our association moving forward.


I am applying to be on our association board because I believe I can help bring positive things to our neighborhood which the existing board members have been working so hard to do. I also wanna see more programs at our community center and a better park for the Keiki that live in our neighborhood. I believe if we all work together for the betterment of our community we could have a thriving community. 


Lisa Bevier-Sakimura Secretary


"I am a community organizer, communicator, and long-time Hawaiian Acres, resident. I grew up in Hawaiian Acres and have deeply loved it for its growth, unique charm, and fierce independence—there is nowhere else I would want to hail from or call home. And I know many share the same pride I have for our neighborhood. While our community may be small, I credit it as the foundation for significant impact beyond its borders: I served as an advisor for a United Nations project on climate change during COP21 and most recently directed a national voter outreach program mobilizing over 8 million voters for the election. My latest community-led passion project included working as one with families, local nonprofits, and government officials to create a memorial marker honoring Japanese Americans unjustly removed from their homes during WWII. In everything I do, I look to bring people together on issues that matter to them and share their voice. My goal is to use my blend of skills and experiences to best serve Hawaiian Acres and share support and resources needed to help keep our community vibrant, well, and safe. Aloha."

Alex (Gladys) Shade Assistant Secretary


Aloha, my name is Alex Shade and I’ve worked on the HACA board in some capacity for 5 years now.  I’ve lived in Hawaiian Acres for 6 years. My husband and I have a cacao farm. We are active in the East Hawaii Cacao Association. During the last two years,

 I have served as Vice President of the Board of Directors.

 I have been managing building rentals. I have enjoyed being on our present HACA board and, feel we’ve made progress in bringing the community together, even during

this difficult year.

James Kiley Treasurer

Aloha, Our family moved to Hawai’i Island about fifteen years ago and have resided in Hawaiian Shores, HPP, Orchidland, and eventually purchased a home in the Ainaloa subdivision.
On the mainland, we lived on the East and West coasts, Rocky Mountains, and the midWest in a variety of settings from large cities to small, rural towns.  Prior to locating to Hawai’i, we owned a small farm. We have wanted to renew our love of growing food and protecting the `Aina and decided to search for a suitable location on Hawai’i Island to make a home that would support these activities.  We chose Hawaiian Acres since we love Puna, enjoy the altitude and, see the size and population as having a perfect balance.

Some of my work experiences include managing a number of large and small departments in both the private and government sectors as well as owning a small business.  In all cases, my responsibilities included preparing the budgets, and overseeing expenditures and final balances.  Presently, I am employed with the Hawai’i County’s Prosecuting
Attorney Office.  Having worked closely with Mitch Roth and Kelden Walton, I believe that HACA will be able to work with the Hawai’i County’s Administration and Counsel for the benefit of all HACA members.

I am seeking the position of HACA Treasurer to support the Hawaiian Acres community.  If I am asked to fill the role of HACA  Treasurer, my goals would be to ensure the accounts are kept in accordance with the HACA By-Laws and provide transparent reporting during regular meetings and through the HACA website.


Pam Everett Area 2 Representative


Hi, I'm Pam Everett running to continue as Area 2 Representative on the Hawaiian Acres Community Association (HACA) board. I have been a resident of Hawaii for 50+ years, 23 of those spent living in Hawaiian Acres. 


Before that I lived in Hana, Maui, where I raised my two sons, did yard maintenance, and ran tropical flower farms for 10+ years. I put myself through nursing school in my 40's and retired from Hilo Medical Center in 2011 after 16 years as an RN. 


Here in HA I was a road rep for HARC for 2 years and continue to help with maintenance at my end of D road. I currently the Area 2 rep and help with food distribution at the community center on Fridays and I am a plant vendor at our HA market. 


As a long time resident, it is important to me that our community grows and improves with activities and services that contribute to the knowledge, well-being, and happiness of all residents. A concerned and diligent HACA board can make a substantial difference in the positive direction of changes to the community. I would like to see progress on proposed projects such as improved playground equipment, grounds amenities, a certified kitchen, and also more sponsored workshops on various topics of need and interest. Working together with our neighbors I believe we can achieve much positive growth. 


Vernon Gunther Area 3 Representative

My wife Cara and I have enjoyed living in Hawaiian Acres for a few years. For the last half of 2020, I've had the opportunity to volunteer on the Hawaiian Acres Community Association board as an area 3 representative. You may have seen my wife and me at the community center on Thursdays while we clean and work on maintenance, helping at community food distribution events, and handing out candy at this year's Trunk or Treat just to name a few. After a long career for a large company, I was able to retire and allow myself time to live a life I love here in paradise. It also allows me the time to volunteer for another term as the Area 3 Representative and do what I can to serve our community during the coming year.

James Hoffman Area 3 Representative

Jim Hoffman purchased his piece of Hawaiian Acres in 2017. He was appointed to the HACA Board and now is running for Area 3 Rep for a full term. His short term goal is to continue moving forward with support for a revitalized Neighborhood Watch and improve working relationships with other community organizations. Longer-term he is interested in the development of a road improvement district within the acres, working with Doug Schabell in the development of a commercial kitchen for the benefit and use of small agricultural operations within our neighborhood, and a possible merger with Hawaiian Acres Road Corporation, The latter would return our community to the point prior to spinning off HARC as a separate entity. 

Fred Hofer Representative At Large

Aloha my name is Fred.


Most of you know me, I'm the short tattooed guy with the funny accent & the banana beer.  I live in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, also known as the Kingdom of the Sandwich Islands.

I’ve been on the HACA board before when Joe Wilder, John Lehnert, and I worked for almost a year back then to convince a highly resistant "rest of the board" that wifi for members would be a harmless addition.
John Lehnert and I helped expand the original HACA market from Ivan's once a month livestock swap meet.  Next, I envision a commercial kitchen at HACA & laundry facilities

I believe we are put here to protect the earth, to stand up for truth & justice, and to love & help each other.


Diane Winslow 

I have been representing my daughter on the Board for five years because I love this place and its maverick residents. I am awaiting a grant that would enable the sponsorship of a six times a year newsletter with a couple of issues mailed to our world citizen property owners enabling more Acres owners to enter the discussion.   Diane Winslow

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We are member supported.  Our  board of directors is composed of community members who volunteer their time and expertise to make Hawaiian Acres a better place to live work and play. 

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Please read our charter and bylaws to see if you are the right fit. Send us a bio about yourself and we will publish in our newsletter.  You must be a member in good standing (paid membership) and a landowner in Hawaiian Acres.

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