Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tropical Storm Darby

Tropical Storm Darby is upon us, and we are told the worst is yet to come. The Hawaiian Acres Community Center is open early this morning, but we encourage everyone to take shelter in a sturdy home or at one of the emergency shelters listed below, as we may need to close early.

PET FRIENDLY (Must bring a crate large enough for your pet)

· Waiakea High
· Kalanianaole Elementary
· Keaau high
· Pahoa High
· Honokaa High & Intermediate
· Kealakehe High
· Konawaena High
· Kau High


· Hilo High
· Laupahoehoe Community Charter School
· Mountain View Elementary
· Waikoloa
· Kohala High & Elementary

Storm information:

Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26th Council Meeting Agenda

HACA Council Meeting, June 26th, 2016

HACA Council Meeting Agenda

I.           Call to order, 3:00

              A. Roll call count for Council Meeting                 
   II.        Minutes from May 22, 2016

   III.       Secretary’s Report

   IV.      Treasurer’s Report

    V.       Committee Reports

                 A. Insurance

                 B. S.U.P.

                 C. Janitorial: Angelina

                 D. Maintenance – painting roof

                 E. Water purification

     VI.       New and Unfinished Business

                A. Concrete slab for HA stone entrance
                B. Mailing reminder cards
                C. Next meeting July 24, 2016
      VII.     Meeting Adjourned

Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 22 Council Meeting Minutes

HACA Council Meeting Minutes
May 22, 2016

   Call to Order at 3:22;  Twelve people present and not a membership quorum.
                List: Patrice Macdonald; John DeMellow; Laurie Birch; Alex Shade, Jennifer
                Meyer, Simone Lindhardt, Shawn Beltz, Dorothy Sanger; Susanne Paleka; Danny
                Paleka; Malcolm Chun; Diane Winslow.
                Simone welcome guests;   Danny and Susanne Paleka, Malcolm Chun.
                Discussion;  Group asked Danny to send County meeting agenda to our Office
                Manager.  Susanne asked about our rock H.A. signs. [Simone committed to
                Initiate the new bases and connecting with people doing set up]

  II.           Minutes not yet approved for April 24 meeting and no special report from Secretary.

  III.          Treasurer’s Report:   8 new members for 208 total; 47 more transfers.
                 Laurie says “Heads above water”.  [also, volunteer roof painting weather permitting]

  IV.          Committee Reports:
                 Special Use Permit; Shawn ordered handicap signs and will paint lines. [Normal
                 Formula is one handicapped parking for every 25 spaces--we are being asked
                 For providing one for about every 10, including future farmer's market overflow]

                Center Maintenance: Patrice and Shawn will work on Surveillance cameras
                And motion lights.

    V.         New and Unfinished Business:
                A. Parking Conflict: Nose in vs parallel parking claimed to be an issue since
                 county contractor moved C avenue over 20' back when culvert was installed.
                [Several members looking into recovering the 20 feet of road from county and
                Painting new stripe to accommodate passage by our center with a return to logical
                Head-in parking] In the meantime we will continue to require parallel parking.
                B. Angelina [earlier] requested to rent center for two mornings while being open
                To community to accommodate local play group and parents from preschool
                 Closed for summer.  Approved for Mon. and Wed.. mornings at 8:30 for the members
                Fee of $1 each day]

       VI.    Simone: Next meeting June 26.   [Annual Meeting on July 31]
                Meeting Adjourn at 4:20.

May 22nd 2016 Meeting Agenda

HACA Membership Meeting, May 22, 2016, at 3:00 [After HARC]

  1.    Call to Order
                A.     Roll Call and Quorum.
  II.           Minutes from April 24, 2016.

  III.          Secretary’s Report.

   IV.         Treasurer’s Report.

   V.           Committee Reports:
                  A. Special Use Permit Report; Shawn, Dorothy, Simone re: Handicap
                  Parking; Shawn re: Building Inspector results.
                  B. Janitorial Report.
                  C. Maintenance: Patrice
    VI.        New and Unfinished Business:
                 A. Report on Concrete Slab
                 B. Road issues.

    VII.        Meeting Adjourned.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24th Council Meeting Minutes

   HACA Council Meeting for April 24th, 2016

  1. Call to order: 3:23
            A. Roll Call and Quorum:
            B. Visitors Jen Ruggles and Travis.
            C. Patrice will notify Board of a meeting to discuss the background of our road issues.
   II.      Minutes approved.     
   III.     Secretary’s Report
             A successful member organized Plant Exchange on April 23; Sworn in John deMello.        
   IV.     Treasurer’s Report.    There are 200 members in response to mailout; 30 new transfers;
             $40,000 in Money Market. Ashley added that 40 more memberships came in since then.
             Laurie also brought up that our board is moving things forward steadily.  
   V.       Committee Reports.
              A. SUP; Shawn and Dorothy painting handicap parking spaces; Simone made motion
              To pay General Contractor $200 for labor plus materials and Patrice seconded.  Shawn
               Reported that the bathrooms were made compliant for under $1200 including as-is
               permits, plumbing, electrical, and general contracting fees, and elongated bowl toilets.
               Research being done by Simone to define formula for handicapped parking.
               B. Shawn reported that Liability Insurance purchased for approximately $8000 a year on
                   a payment schedule with possibility of early termination if required.
               C.Laurie proposed and Jennifer seconded approving payment of $90 to Angelina
                For another month.  [Unanimous] Her duties include removing garbage bags and she
                Will be provided with needed cleaning tools.
                D. Compost Bin: Jennifer and Patrice will research and report at next meeting.
                E. Membership reminder postcards being sent out in June by Jennifer with
                     improvements for clarity.
       VI.      Meeting Jen Ruggles running for District 5:  “Passionate about improving people’s
                  Influence in government.  Bipartisan…..”I want to represent people”..”long history
                  Of organizing events and researching what works for people”.
       VII.      Quote of the meeting…”We have learned a lot and been brought together through
        VII.      Adjournment at 5:08  Shawn moved and Laurie seconded.