Sunday, January 24, 2016

HACA Council Meeting, January 24th, 2016

                          HACA Council Meeting Agenda

                              January 24, 2016, 3:00

      Call to order, 3:00.

              A. Roll call count for Council Meeting
                  (Membership meeting moved to February)

              B. If present, introduce Mateo Tree Services rep. to discuss topping
                   or removing HACA yard trees and give quotes. [otherwise from
                   Dorothy under VI. New and Unfinished Business]

               C. Doug Schabel skills share proposal.  [or presented under VI. also]

   II.        Minutes from December 13, 2015.  [Partial reading of important points and

   III.        Secretary’s Report

               A. Continuing search for Area Reps for At Large, replace Dave H.;
                    Area 1 to replace Carmen K.; Area 2 to replace Andrew M.;
                    Area 3: two needed; Area 4 to replace Kate S.  
                    [Looking for dedicated volunteers interested in
                     improving the quality of life for all Acres residents]

    IV.        Treasurer’s Report

     V.         Committee Reports

                 A. Insurance

                 B. S.U.P.

                 C. Janitorial: Angelina, garbage bag removal.

                 D. Yearly newsletter

                 E. Keiki Shelters

                 F. Water Purification at Center

     VI.       New and Unfinished Business

                A. Helicopter flyovers report

                B. Discuss classes started and planned for 2016

                C. Center Rental Issues report

                D. Farmers’ Market Planning Committee?

                E. Patrice on her Albizia removal training

                F. If not covered above:  HACA yard Trees.

                G. Move meetings to 4th Sundays at 3 (after HARC meetings)

      VII.     Meeting Adjourned.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

December Council Meeting Minutes

HACA Minutes for December 13, 2015

I. Call to order at 3:23 by Simone.

  A. Attendees: Simone Lindhardt, Shawn Beltz, Susan Tita, Bob Gentzel, Alex Shade, Ashley Gagnon, Jennifer Meyers, Diane Winslow, Dorothy Sanger, Peter Haunschildt, and Franny Brewer [BIISC]

  B. Visitor Presentation by Franny Brewer from
1. Albezia eradication project of U. of Hawaii for prevention and early detection and safe, no spray herbicide [Milestone] treatment.
2. Call Patrice for property owner training of work teams for communities
3. Project currently cannot pay for tree removal; for grants contact USDA low income rural development property improvement for them to come and evaluate.
  C. Member comments: Merry Christmas from Bob G.

II. Secretary reading and approval of November 15 minutes. Jennifer moved and Shawn second….Minutes approved with one correction.

III. Secretary’s Report: Diane stated the need for several Area Reps and volunteered to work with them. Alex Shade volunteered for Area 2 and will be sworn in at Jan. meeting.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: Laurie said the swing seats had cost less than expected and were installed.

V. Committees:

  A. Maintenance: Janitorial volunteer; Gutters in front have been improved; Swing seats installed.
  B. Dorothy….Certificate of Occupancy should resolve after Sheldon Lehman completes “Fire Hydrant” in early January which we consider is the last task.

  C. Jennifer and Shawn coming down home stretch on Annual Newsletter.

VI. Unfinished Business:
  A. Diane presented information on Bio-Logic ultraviolet combo U.V. and cartridge system for under counter at $500.  Informally approved for comparison shop.  Side note: Simone report on Keiki Shelters next month.

  B. Shawn presented liability insurance tentative quote at $8,000 per year. [comments regarding excessive expense with last year income at $25,000; other bids will be considered, as well as including Farmers’ Market considered in current bid...all agreed necessity.]

  C. Helicopter Flyover: Bob G. in contact with committee on this and will post meetings.

VII. Member Special Announcement: 
Peter Haunschildt presented announcement that with his mother and sister, they are creating a special family gift project to the Acres. 
The Haunschildt Foundation will serve people in need, protect indigenous plants and provide special education and daycare programs by donation with a proposed 12 Acre startup and 1.5 million dollar budget and 1% donated to HACA and road equipment to be donated in 2020.
VIII. Meeting adjourned at 4:30.

December Council Meeting Agenda

HACA Meeting Agenda
December 13, 2015

I. Call to Order, 3:00
  A. Roll Call/ Quorum?/ visitor introductions.
  B. The “Alien Eradicator” report from Patrice and the BIISC (Big Island Invasive Species)
  C. Opportunity for 2-Minute Community Comments, Proposed Business.

II. Reading and Approval of Minutes from Nov. 15, 2015

III. Secretary’s Report.

IV. Treasurer’s Report.

V. Committee Reports.
  A. Janitorial Help - Patrice.

  B. SUP Report - Dorothy

  C. Newsletter Draft - Jennifer

VI. Unfinished Business.

  A. Diane report of water purification systems.

  B. Keiki Shelters/ new committee.

  C. Insurance Report - Shawn on quote; Jennifer on Competitive Quote

  D. Helicopter Flyover Report from Bob G.

VII. Meeting Adjourned.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

November Council Meeting Minutes

Hawaiian Acres Council Meeting Minutes, November 15th, 2015 -- Diane Winslow

Call to Order at 3:22 by V.P., Shawn Beltz

Attendees: Patrice M., Dorothy S., Mark M., Rachel M., Ashley, Shawn, Jennifer,

Laurie B, Diane, Nick Owens by proxy. [Andrew resigning]

Community Input: Dorothy S. made a suggestion that the Center have a water

purification system and other community disaster support…..this brought forth a

discussion of many ideas:

+Disaster friendly center with phone tree for chain saws and generators.

+On FaceBook/ our website, preparedness and self sufficiency advice.

+Solar on our wish list.

Diane volunteered to research water purifiers and report at December meeting.

II. Approval of minutes for October 18, 2015

[There was a correction of the amount paid for the building plans and copies

to $685]

Patrice made motion to approve amended minutes and Jennifer seconded.

III. There was no Secretary’s report.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: Laurie waiting to hear about insurance.

V. Committee Reports:

A. Patrice on Maintenance: A better plan needed for Janitorial and possible

hire garbage service; also need chains, locks and a big gate on wish list.

B. A neighbor, Angelina, will be asked regarding center cleaning.

C. Office manager plays some role in maintaining center

D. Rachel reported price for two swing seat replacements which came to

near $120. Motion to order by Patrice with second by Jennifer. Unanimous..

VI. Unfinished Business.

A. It was moved approve the purchase of Water Connection Valve for Firehouse

in order to proceed with County Approval of S.U.P. now with six month to comply

with the approximately $2,000 setup. Jennifer proposed and Shawn seconded…

unanimous vote.

B. Jennifer presented plans for yearly all resident newsletter.

C. Shawn proposed policy “all members assume the risk for participation in

events”. Liability insurance group working through broker questions.

D. Patrice was appointed “Alien Eradicator” for her connection to groups

eradicating various invasives. She will report from groups, check on grant

sources and making “Milestone” albizia poison available in small amounts.

Jennifer moved and Shawn seconded Patrice appointment...all approved.

E. Bob G. Helicopter Flyover Project was discussed and Diane was

asked to listen to October 18 meeting and pull out wording of our

formal statement in support. [“Hawaiian Acres Community Association

condemns noise and invasion of privacy.”] Patrice moved and Laurie second to give our association’s support to Mountain View petition. Vote unanimous.

VII. Meeting adjourned at 5:30. Next meeting December 13 at 3:00.

HACA Council Meeting

Sunday, November 15, 2015

3:00 P.M. at HACA

Rds. 8 & C


I. Call to Order by Pres. Simone and roll call.

  A. Visitor 2 minute comments.

II. Approval of minutes from October 18, 2015.

III. President’s Report and welcome.

IV. Secretary Report, Diane

V. Treasurer's Report, Laurie

VI. Committee Reports.

  A. Patrice on Maintenance

  B. Dorothy on Farmers Market S.U.P.

  C. Jennifer on yearly newsletter.

VII. Old Business

  A. Simone report on Liability Insurance

  B. Patrice report on Albizia meeting and emergency road connectivity.

  C. Shawn report on HACA web site, new wifi

  D. Discuss Helicopter flyover statement, petition

VII. New Business

  A. Rachel M. on getting new seats for playground swings

  B. Bylaw proposals for January membership vote.

  C. Build New Picnic Tables?

VIII. Next meeting December 13th!

IX. Adjourn.