Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hawaiian Acres Farmer's Market

There will be a Hawaiian Acres Farmers Market Saturday from 10am til 3pm at the community center (8&C).  Please support our local farmers and artisans!  New vendors are welcome, and this is the perfect time to stop by and talk story.

For more information, email:

Vendors, here is information on what can be sold at Farmer's Markets with and without a permit!

Please review our Vendor Agreement form

The fine print: No fees, but vendors must register with the market manager as spots are limited. Please park parallel in front of the center, or park in the paved or gravel lots behind the center. No parking across the street, as that is someone else's private property. Mahalo!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

September 24th 2017 Meeting Agenda

September 24th 2017 Agenda

HACA Council Meeting Agenda

 I.           Call to order, 3:00
a.     Doug and Pam- Farmer’s Market discussion

 II. President's Report- KausPeter Jager- Humane Society- stray dogs in H.A.
III. Vice President's Report- Alex Shade- Updating building rental policies

IV. Secretary’s Report- Patrice Macdonald-

V.  Treasurer’s Report- Glenda Boehner
 P&L for August-

VI. Office Manager Report- Ashley Gagnon
            Membership Count- 344
VII. New Business-
a.     Building painting project- choosing a color
b.     Schedule a work day & Potluck
c.      EBT processing for FM
d.     Ashley on Vacation

 Next meeting   October 22th

VIII.     Meeting Adjourned

Sunday, September 3, 2017

August 2017 Meeting Minutes

August 27th 2017
HACA Meeting Minutes

HACA Council Meeting Agenda

        Call to order, 3:00

I.                   President's Report-   Klauspeter Jager-
                                                                          i.      Building maintenance-replace wood panels, trim and do patchwork on the building. Members will vote on building paint color.
                                                                        ii.      Shawn à Motion for board to approve $1500 for outside building project.  4 ayes- 2 abstention
                                                                      iii.      All additional expenses must be approved before purchases. 

II.                 VP- Gladys Shade- Currently managing the Farmer’s Market most Saturdays.  
III.              Treasurer Report- Glenda not present-
                                                                          i.      July P&L- Total income     $1,893.00
 Total expenses $2,807.06
        -$914.06 month
                                                                        ii.      Year to date --               $18,570.19
Total Expenses              $21,956.98

IV.              Office Manger Report- Ashley
-         Post card costs will be posted next meeting. We saved money this year!
-         Thank you Shawn for helping design and mail merge cards!

                                                                        ii.      Membership current 268 vs 243 this time last year.
                                                                      iii.      DCCA filing complete
                                                                     iv.      Taxes paid on the 3 lots

V.                New business-
a.     Handy Person Position- applications on file- still accepting new applicants.
b.     Tree Removal-accept quotes for front tree removal.
c.      HARC- Tabled to next meeting.

VIII.     Meeting Adjourned  4:21 P.M.