Wednesday, November 20, 2019

                             November 24th 2019 

         I.  Call to order President Doug Schabell

        II.  Roll call welcome guests

       III.  President’s report Douglas Schabell
            a. swearing in of new board member Chandra Woodhouse.
              postcard mailing and new website info fixed cost analysis.


       IV.  Secretary’s Report Margaret Kelleher
              Approval of October mins.

        V.  Vice President’s Report Gladys Shade
              Rental building fees Rental Agreement update discussion

      VI.  Treasurer Report Geoffery Wells

     VII. Old Business 
             flooring, 2018 audit completion, Newsletter, need   
             photos Mkt classes etc. postcard mailing and website


   VIII.  New Business

               Review of Market rules and updates

     IX.   Set date for December Meeting / Adjourn