Tuesday, December 4, 2018

December 4 2018

This report was given to the Hawaiian Acres Community Association, (HACA)  Board of Directors  at their regular monthly meeting on November 25, 2018.

In the interest of transparency and to make sure the correct information is given to the community, here are our findings and the timeline for our actions.  It is our moral, ethical and legal duty to report this information to our community members.

As developments warrant we will update this information.

On September 23, 2018 at the regular HACA board of directors meeting it was voted on by the majority of board members to appoint an audit committee in order to get ready for our financial audit of the corporation that is required on even years. 

Members are as follows:
Douglas Schabell chairperson, Margaret Kellerer assistant, Gladys (Alex) Shade Vice President and support Glenda Boehner Treasurer.

 It was also voted on to terminate our office manager, Ashley Gagnon.
  Her last day in the office was Sept. 25, 2018.

All financial records were backed up at this time in order to protect the integrity of our audit.   

  After  reviewing our office manager’s work which included our accounts receivables and other reports generated in our Quick Book accounting system and checking them against bank deposits it came to our attention that discrepancies between the two were found. This had to do with cash deposits solely handled by our office manager.

To further clarify our findings and, to engage a neutral third party, we contacted an accounting firm and the accountant agreed to review our information and to look deeper into our system. Our treasurer was present at these meetings along with all committee members in order to assist or clarify with questions.

 It was at this time we were advised to lock down the office in order to secure our records and computer system.  Locks and all passwords were changed.  Because of the shared office space with HARC and the fact that our former office manager still continues to be treasurer of HARC we notified them that she could not access our office and asked them to cooperate in this matter.

On Sunday September  28, 2018, after our regular monthly board meeting, A letter was sent by email and registered mail to our former manager calling for her to attend a meeting on October 31, 2018 to explain the discrepancies. Our former office manager chose not to attend.

As a courtesy a copy of the letter was also sent to the president of HARC via email.

HARC would not agree in writing to block this person from our office.  We then notified HARC to vacate our office space. This is the reason HARC no longer shares space in our main office.

HARC still has space allocated to them in the community center just not our office space.

We were also advised by an attorney that we needed to file a police report on the matter.

On October 31, 2018 a police report was filed with Hawaii Police Dept.

Report No. 18-012747
Date filed. October 31, 2018

We supplied all our documents including full electronic backups of our accounting data and bank records. We were asked by the police to include all such records from 2016 until September 25, 2018.

Which is inclusive of beginning and ending dates of  subcontractor work for the association.

On November 11, 2018 we were advised by phone message that after the officer made contact with our former manager and interviewed her, the officer then forwarded all our documentation to the Hawaii County Prosecutor’s office for review and disposition of the case.

This will also be included in our newsletter and we will update this information when it becomes available.

 HACA will begin our audit for 2018 at the end of this fiscal year.

HACA has installed a new computer system and all new 2019 quickbook software, along with, new office security cameras. We are setting up new accounting protocols, with the help of our accountant adviser, in order to insure our records will be secure, accurate and transparent to all our community members.

To assure our membership, the association is financially solvent and is moving forward with business as usual and looking forward to new community projects in 2019. 

For more information contact us at om@haca.hawaiianacres.org