Tuesday, November 20, 2018

              HACA Council Meeting Agenda     
               November 25th  2018 Agenda

I. Call to order, 2:00 p.m

II. Roll call of officers and board members and guests

III. Approval of last month’s mins

IV. Presidents Report-Klaus Peter Jager.

V. Vice President Report-Gladys Shade.
         a. Newsletter/ballot
         b. Managing office - Procedural Manual, Volunteers in the office

VI. Secretary’s Report-October Minutes-Margaret Kellerer
          Approval and correction of September’s meeting minutes
          Patrice McDonald

VII Treasurer’s Report-Glenda Boehner.
a.       Quick Books for non profits, new computer and other software

VIII.  Audit Committee Report-Doug Schabell

IX. New Business
a.   HARC office move-HARC Requests
Cameras and locations-one missing
Drop box for HARC
Communications with HARC    

b. Composition of Board

X. Meeting Adjourned

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