Friday, March 30, 2018

March 25th 2018 Minutes

March 25th 2018 Minutes 

l. President : absent 
     No report 
ll. Vice-president:
      Motion to approve. February 25 minutes 
      6 ayes 0 noes 
lll.  Secretary 
      Speak one at a.time 
      Raise hand 

Shawn report on insurance 
  Judge dropped.HACA involvement for HARC lawsuit. 
  D& O marked loss.....
  Insurance options are: 
1. Monthly payments with deposit to make payments 
2. Lump. Sum 
  Discussion: unintelligible 
  Motion by Patrice pay monthly 
  3 aye. 3 abstentions 
 3.  no. motion but discussion to table until next meeting 
    Discussion.  Next day insurance payment is due before next meeting.

Discussion.  Shawn to write a letter to the judge to expedite concerns 
Glenda: motion for Shawn write letter to expedite order..........
6 ayes 0 noes 0.abstentions 

Alex will write officers.......
VP. report:
  A)   Discussion to leave 9keys out.
     B) Key pad not. Being used keeps. Records of attendance; names login and logout and time stamp 
  Motion keep 9 unknown persons keys out 
  5 ayes. 0 noes.  1 abstention 
  Discussion harc has 9 keys out . Keys only for officers of haca.
4.  Farmers. Market report:
      Report by Doug Schabel and Alex Shade 
      A. Traffic director needed peak hours 
         Patrice volunteered first Saturday following meeting. 11:00 to 2:30 
  Doug discussed difficulty of county imposed parking problem.
Parallel parking is unprecedented. 

Patrick Faris and Doug to get together about research Patrick did that denied county order as being meaningless. 
Doug has research on second lane.

Motion for parking recruiters 
6 ayes. 0 noes 
      Discussion on .parking problem continues (unable to transcribe Interruptions)
Market discussion. 
 Glenda suggested HPM shorts for roofing 
Requires a permit 

New business: 

Chili cook off. By Micki and John 
First weekend in May 

Bee keeping course excellent response by Doug 

Sunday, March 18, 2018

March 25th 2018 Agenda

March 25th 2018 Agenda

HACA Council Meeting Agenda
I.                   Call to order, 3:00- Approve minutes from February

II.                 Presidents Report-KlausPeter Jager-
a.     Insurance- Options

lll. Vice President Report-Gladys Shade-
a.     Door Lock for office
b.     Community Market
                                                                                                  i.      Parking monitor
                                                                                                ii.      Purchase Canopy
                                                                                              iii.      Referring community members

lV. Secretary’s Report-Patrice Macdonald-
V. Treasurer’s Report-Glenda Boehner-
a. Financials-

Vl. New Business-
VII. Old Business-
Vlll. Meeting Adjourned