Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Dinner

There will be a community THANKSGIVING dinner on Thursday at the community building from noon till pau.

All community members are WELCOME.  Turkey will be provided, but please bring a side dish to share with your neighbors.  This event is sponsored by community members.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November 19th 2017 Meeting Agenda

November 19th 2017 Agenda

HACA Council Meeting Agenda

     Call to order, 3:00
II.                 Presidents Report-KlausPeter Jager-
a.     Review Office Manager Policy Manual for any additional 

    lll.  Vice President Report-Gladys Shade
a.     Building Rental- updated to reflect current policies.
b.    Farmer’s Market-
c.     Trim/Sanding Building prep-

lV. Secretary’s Report-Patrice Macdonald-
a. Unfinished chore list-

V. Treasurer’s Report-Glenda Boehner-

        Vl. New Business-
a.     Christmas Party- Date?
b.    Chairs/ Tables purchase

Next meeting: December 17,2017

           Vlll. Meeting Adjourned