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September 24th 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 24th
 HACA Meeting Minutes
Call to order 3:00
                        Presenter- HICOP.ORG Petition information for helicopter noise. Information on flight paths and proposed rules and regulations trying to be passed.
 Board voted to support the organization 6 ayes 1 abstention.

I.                   President’s Report Klauspeter Jager-
a.     Loose dogs in HA- contact Humane Society about traps. Dogs near forest reserve are aggressive and roaming in a pack.
b.     Outdoor security lights must be replaced- theft issue from private building rental.

II.                 Vice President’s Report- Gladys Shade-
a.     Building rental policy- Classes $1.00 per hour/Private Events $3.00
b.     $50 Deposit required as well as member in good standing
c.      All liability waivers must be completed before event date
1.     Farmer’s Market-
a.     Gladys- Motion for Pam & Doug to be on Farmer’s Market committee and manage à 6 aye 0 No
                                                                                                                                      i.      The above will do posters, advertising, sign-in sheets, collect fees etc. Office manager will work with both persons to come up with a description of duties.

III.              Secretary’s Report- Patrice Macdonald-
a.     Transportation & Land use committee-
b.     Looking for grants and money for our parks- HPP given 40 million and no money for us.

IV.              Treasurer’s Report- Glenda Boehner-
a.     August P & L
                                                              i.      -$3091.99 For the month
                                                            ii.      Reminder cards- $935.78
                                                          iii.      Year to date memberships- 344 ($10,998)
                                                         iv.       Year to date transfer fees- 111 ($11,100)

V.                Office Manager Report-
a.     Current membership YTD- 344 (+76 since last month)
b.     Taxes paid on all 3 properties this month - $203.00 per lot
c.      Building rental- must be pre-scheduled. No last minute rentals because building is closing.
d.     Hawaiian Tel will be doing fiber installation at the end of October. They request to speak at next meeting.

VI.              Other business-
a.     Building painting project- schedule a day for prep/paint work and potluck. Board members chose 10/30 at 10:00

Meeting closed 4:46 Pm 

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