Friday, March 31, 2017

March 26th 2017 Meeting Minutes

March 26th meeting minutes

I.                    Call to order 3:00 pm
II.                  Presenters- Speed limits on Moho Rd.
a.       Joseph Peardon- dog hit on Moho rd between C & D. Signs are 15 mph in that area. Messages have been left for SGT Davis, but no return phone calls. Requesting signatures on a petition for the following
                                                               i.      Increased enforcement on speeders
                                                             ii.      Speed humps
                                                            iii.      Stop signs
III.                President’s Report – Susan absent but sent email- read by Patrice
a.       Sustainable Farming
b.      Farmer’s Market opening time changed from 12pm to 10 am.
c.       4H club has a new coordinator
d.      Matson clean up-need to get this happening for spring clean up
IV.                Vice President’s report-
a.       Update chalk board signs for current events.
b.      Designate the cork boards on the building for certain categories.
c.       Rent out boards for advertising in HA
d.      Ohia scalping is happening. Please document any future happenings and report to police.
1.       Motion for purchase of Fly traps-à Second Glenda  Ayes 8 No 0
2.       Voice recorder for meetings. à Second Glenda Ayes 8 No 0
3.       Patrick would like to make small signs for the roads off Moho.  Including both Hawaiian names and the Letters. à Second Patrice Ayes 8 No 0
e.      Parking issues- Discussion on changing parking.  we can legally park at a 90 degree angle or reverse angle parking. Double lane parallel parking is not ok. Single vehicles cannot exit while double parallel parked. This will be tabled until next meeting pending more  research.
V.                  Secretary Report-  Proposing better communication – would the board like a filing cabinet for the executive committee? Access to info- each have their own folder.
VI.                Treasure Reports- Financial statements- itemized breakdown- print the more detailed report to have on file for easy access.
VII.              Office Manager Report-
a.       Membership is 142 members as of March 1st 2017
b.      Plus $3396.05 for the year.
1.       Motion to increase office manager hours from 10 to 15 à Ayes 8 No 0
VIII.            Area 3 rep- Not much to report. Good Samaritan doing road work along G.
IX.                HA Rock- All work that is done is paid for. Further costs are upcoming for lifting rock into place and drilling holes in the base. Simone is applying for permit via county inspector.

Adjourned 4:12 pm 

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