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February 26th Meeting Minutes

February 26th Meeting Minutes

I.                   Call to order 3:06
Discussion : Shawn- Mahalo on the painting of the parking lot.

II.                 Dorothy : Susan Tita threatens and defamation of Community Association.

III.              Swear in Peter Jager area 3 Representative.

IV.             Reports from each branch.

a.     Emails for board members
b.    Office manager report 40 members current financials January $1895.56 brought in.

V.                Farmers Market-
a.     Volunteers needed to open and close market each week.
b.    Need a HACA Booth during market to receive dues payments.

VI.             New Business
a.     4h Club children’s agriculture
b.    Farming practices
c.     More information coming to schedule presentation.
d.    New Bill HB172 must have testimony by feb 24th
e.     Community Watch- set a date but not associated with HA.
f.       Albizia Tree Killing- If needed call Patrick

VII.           Janitorial- Motion to reduce monthly cleaning pay from $90.00 per month to $65.00 per month to reflect the trash removal bill. Angelina can accept new bid or we can put out for new contract.  Vote Aye-7 Nay-0 Abstain-1

VIII.        Harc discussion tabled until next meeting.

IX.              Handy Man application are being accepted for building issues. Each job will have a bid individually. Not hourly.
1.    GE Tax
2.    Liability insurance
X.                Water Containers-
a.     Purchase 2 Additional 5 Gallon

XI.              Suggested monthly Brunch before meeting
1.    Aye 7
2.    Abstention 1  

Adjourned 4:16

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