Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 26th Meeting Agenda 2017

HACA Council Meeting February 26th, 2017
HACA Council Meeting Agenda

I.           Call to order, 3:00

            A. Quorum: Members & Guest’s present
            B. Presenters

 II.       Secretary’s Report

III.      Treasurer’s Report/Office Manager Report
New Class update-Vinyesa Yoga Instructor

IV.       Committee Reports

                        -Farmer’s Market
V.       New and Unfinished Business

 A. Janitorial: Reduction of janitorial pay. Current pay $90 per month, reduced to $65 to reflect trash removal service. Job description presented for board approval. Angelina has option to accept new position pay or put position out for new bid.

B. HARC Discussion- Office use, utilities, and responsibilities.

C. Handy Man application for onsite repairs being accepted. Discuss parameters. 
                                    -Window Repair-Suggested Plexiglas to replace

D. Additional water containers needed-Purchase 4 to 6 more.

E. Online form for market vendors-
Created to help simplify the process. Application can be filled out online and submitted electronically.
F. Proposed Monthly Brunch before meeting on Sunday.
 G. Next meeting March 26th, 2017

      VI.     Meeting Adjourned

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