Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October 23rd 2016 Meeting Minutes

October 23rd Meeting Minutes

I.                    Food Bank-Ronnette  Gonzeles
Nonprofit and self-funding to all Puna.
26 additional Families during open registration = 56 Families from Hawaiian Acres
Food Delivery from Nanawale- Pick up Wednesday
Motion for Simone to be coordinator
Yes 6 No 0
II.                Toastmasters – Kathy Emery
Meetings held 1st and 3rd Saturday’s: Leadership
Builds confidence speaking,
Communications to be effective
Wednesday in Pahoa
a.       Toastmaster rules
        Joke master
        Speakers- Self paced and self-taught manuals
        Evaluations of speakers
        Team building skills
b.      Open House November 19th  Saturday 9:30 to 10:30

III.              Approved minutes from September
IV.               Membership Update

V.                  SUP Passed- Needs to be filed at planning department
Fix up list
                a. Handicap walkway needs refinished
                b. Emergency lights need wired
                c. Bathroom corners need put in
VI.                Farmers Market Committee
a.       Blue Binder has all information submitted to county
b.   All requirements met for SUP    

VII.                 Purchase range for kitchen $500 or less
VIII.               Garbage can in Coqui shed
   Weed whack corner

   Motion to adjourn 5:17 Pm

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