Sunday, September 25, 2016

HACA Council Meeting Minutes, September 25, 2016

                          HACA Council Meeting, September 25, 2016

I.                   Call to Order: 3:09, Roll Call: Glenda Boehner, Diane Winslow, John deMellow, Simone Lindhardt,

Alex Shade, Patrice Macdonald, Ashley Gagnon, Dorothy Sanger, Susan Chesley.

II.                Minutes for July 24, 2016: Patrice moved to approve with corrections. Alex second. Unanimous.

Minutes for August 28, 2016: After correct #5 to read, Kuening is Structural Engineer advising us.

Glenda (?) moved, Alex second, Passed unanimous.

III.             Secretary’s Report:  none

IV.              Treasurer’s Report:  $4,075 in membership dues….up $1200; $468 spent on recent supplies.

V.                 Committee Reports:

A. S.U.P.: Believed to be two tasks from approval:    Rounded edges on bathroom floors….

To be done by Shawn with a rubber product.       Smoothing out sidewalk repair—possibly hiring

Someone such as Pete Epperson, recommended by Dorothy and Patrice. [Ashley collected

Business cards at Macuu Market from potential Farmers’ Market vendors]

B. Maintenance: Roof wash and paint.  Hoping Mike Brush will have time before next meeting.

C. Land Use and Transportation:  Connectivity…..County proposal by Illagan, especially “CL4”

Regarding a “highway” on our Rd. E made no sense and in conflict with 16 years of community

Recommendations.  [CL5, regarding Orchidland crossing and Rd. D or C to Moho O.K.]

ALERT: HARC wrote a letter approving three County road proposals….HARC’s role is road

Upkeep and is NOT a “legal entity” for road decisions]    Patrice made motion and Alex second

For there to be No open highway in H.A.—A notarized letter to be delivered on Friday stating

Our position.

       VI.      New and Unfinished Business:    A.Simone—on concrete slabs for signs resetting:  Everyone stoked

                   And money donations but slowed up by it being busiest time of year for builders.


                    B. and C.:  Prepare newsletter by second week in November for a “reasonable period before

                     Election” to get in mail to paid members.  [Simone call John Lehnert re: formatting newsletter,

                     Including advertising.

                     D. Next meeting October 23, 2016

        VII.      Meeting Adjourned:  4:25

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