Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25th 2016 Agenda

HACA Council Meeting, September 25th, 2016

HACA Council Meeting Agenda

I.           Call to order, 3:00

              A. Roll call count for Council Meeting                 
   II.        Minutes from July 24, 2016 & August 28th

   III.       Secretary’s Report

   IV.      Treasurer’s Report

    V.       Committee Reports

                 A. S.U.P

                 B. Maintenance – painting roof & gutters

                 C. Land Use and Transportation

     VI.       New and Unfinished Business

                A. Concrete slab for HA stone entrance
                B. Election preparations

                C. Newsletter
                D. Next meeting October 23rd, 2016
      VII.     Meeting Adjourned

HACA Council Meeting Minutes, September 25, 2016

                          HACA Council Meeting, September 25, 2016

I.                   Call to Order: 3:09, Roll Call: Glenda Boehner, Diane Winslow, John deMellow, Simone Lindhardt,

Alex Shade, Patrice Macdonald, Ashley Gagnon, Dorothy Sanger, Susan Chesley.

II.                Minutes for July 24, 2016: Patrice moved to approve with corrections. Alex second. Unanimous.

Minutes for August 28, 2016: After correct #5 to read, Kuening is Structural Engineer advising us.

Glenda (?) moved, Alex second, Passed unanimous.

III.             Secretary’s Report:  none

IV.              Treasurer’s Report:  $4,075 in membership dues….up $1200; $468 spent on recent supplies.

V.                 Committee Reports:

A. S.U.P.: Believed to be two tasks from approval:    Rounded edges on bathroom floors….

To be done by Shawn with a rubber product.       Smoothing out sidewalk repair—possibly hiring

Someone such as Pete Epperson, recommended by Dorothy and Patrice. [Ashley collected

Business cards at Macuu Market from potential Farmers’ Market vendors]

B. Maintenance: Roof wash and paint.  Hoping Mike Brush will have time before next meeting.

C. Land Use and Transportation:  Connectivity…..County proposal by Illagan, especially “CL4”

Regarding a “highway” on our Rd. E made no sense and in conflict with 16 years of community

Recommendations.  [CL5, regarding Orchidland crossing and Rd. D or C to Moho O.K.]

ALERT: HARC wrote a letter approving three County road proposals….HARC’s role is road

Upkeep and is NOT a “legal entity” for road decisions]    Patrice made motion and Alex second

For there to be No open highway in H.A.—A notarized letter to be delivered on Friday stating

Our position.

       VI.      New and Unfinished Business:    A.Simone—on concrete slabs for signs resetting:  Everyone stoked

                   And money donations but slowed up by it being busiest time of year for builders.


                    B. and C.:  Prepare newsletter by second week in November for a “reasonable period before

                     Election” to get in mail to paid members.  [Simone call John Lehnert re: formatting newsletter,

                     Including advertising.

                     D. Next meeting October 23, 2016

        VII.      Meeting Adjourned:  4:25