Sunday, June 26, 2016

HACA Council Meeting for June 26, 2016

Call to order 3:16 by V.P., Shawn who announced trial of

New meeting format.

Roll Call: Shawn Beltz, John DeMello, Glenda Boehner, Alex Shade

Dorothy Sanger, Mark McClintick, Patrice Macdonald, Diane Winslow,

Simone Lindhardt.

II. Minutes for April approved as corrected with Mark M. and Patrice M.

Abstaining. Minutes for May approved with Mark M. abstaining.

III. No Secretary’s Report.

IV. Treasurer’s Report by Supporting Treasurer, Glenda:

A. Quickbooks to be modified only by Office Manager but viewable by Executive Committee.

B. Transfer fees must be deposited promptly upon receipt.

C. 238 members.

D. Move to table further discussion by Shawn with Simone second.

V. Committee Reports

Dorothy thanked people for inspection completions.

We are current on liability insurance payments, Shawn stated.

S.U.P.: Tasks so far completed...Dorothy

Janitorial needing more discussion.

VI.New and Unfinished Business.

Rock signs: Simone research--$950 per slab [Shawn--fundraiser?]

Reminder Mailing: Jennifer took on project.

Announce next meeting is on July 24.

Maintenance--Patrice continues to research gate and motion sensor.

VII. End meeting by Shawn with Simone second at 4:15.

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