Monday, August 29, 2016

August 28th 2016 Meeting Minutes

                    HACA Council Meeting, August 28th, 2016

I.                   Call to order, 3:07
A.    Roll Call [not enough for Membership Meeting:  Simone Lindhardt, Diane Winslow, Alex Shade, Patrice Macdonald, Shawn Beltz, Dorothy Sanger, Glenda Boehner, Angelina [last name?]

II.                Minutes from July 24, 2016 were not available.  [See attached]

III.             Secretary’s Report: [July minutes are complete….computer error sending]

IV.             Treasurer’s Report [No report…..Office Manager on vacation and Treasurer assistant, Glenda
Without access]
V.                Committee Reports:
A.    S.U.P. [Inspector Kuning coming Monday.  Shawn proposed and Patrice second, pay contractor up to $1000 to complete “Lanai”.  All approved.]
B.     Maintenance – painting roof and gutters. [Need another power wash and paint after hurricane.]
C.     Land Use and Transportation report; Patrice: Resolved in courts 16 years ago. ALOHA owners group demanding conclusion.
VI.             New and Unfinished Business
A.    Concrete slab for H.A. stone entrance sign. Shawn motion and Patrice second to pay matching funds to $1300 for both rock signs restoration with anonymous volunteer paying for one and we commit to maintaining sites.  [All in favor]
B.     Board Bond renewal?  [Continuing discussion after more research]
C.     Tree Clearing Responsibility?  [Research law….homeowner?...Helco?...HACA?]
D.    Next meeting September 25, 2016.

                    VII.     Meeting Adjourned by Simone at 4:18.

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