Monday, July 25, 2016

July 2016 Meeting Minutes

                 HACA Council Meeting for July 24, 2016 after HARC Meeting

I.                   Call to Order 3:22 by Simone, Pres.
A.    Present: Alex Shade, Diane Winslow, Shawn Beltz, John DeMellow, Doug Schabell, Patrice Mcdonald, Simone Lindhardt, Dorothy Sanger; Guests, Susanne Paleka, Danny Paleka, Boris Martinez .
B.     Discussion: 
1.      Shawn: How can we help victims of complainer attack? Dorothy…and stop “serial attackers.  Dorothy: County says they are “obligated to follow complaints”. Patrice: I will investigate whether this is issue for the 4009 or the Board.  Demellow: Grandfather older buildings? Paleka: “Code could be enforced on new construction since 2012”. Patrice: Yes on real estate lawyer for answer and strategy for earlier permitted structures”
2.      Patrice: Code copied a Florida standard for hurricanes/earthquakes. Paleka: Local builders, officials also having problems with this. Shawn: “An 8 x 8 Safe Room??”
3.      DeMellow; County or H.A. own Rd 8? Paleka: Bureau of Conveyances says easement for this section. Patrice: no binder of corporate papers at Planning Dept.  Dorothy: Our building was permitted but county documentation of our work is missing from latest report.
4.      Shawn: A code compliant septic system raises building costs by $15,000 over cesspool system. Paleka believes at our two miles above ocean this is not required.  Shawn will check.

II.                Minutes for June need to read; “Quickbooks to be modified only by Office Manager or Executive

III.             Treasurer’s Report
A.    Expenses went $43 over profit. We have savings of !2,000 not touched by expenses.
B.     S.U.P. expenses have been more than $3,500.
C.     Doug S. asks about doing an electronic newsletter to all properties.
D.    Ashley has updated data base and we will move toward electronic contact.
IV.             Committee Reports
A.    Shawn: “Punch List” almost completed. Shawn made motion to purchase digital lock for front single door.  Patrice second…all approve.  Group supported finishing short list before any proposed remodels. [Get the paper]
B.     Simone: Rock signs and concrete slabs of poured concrete with rock faces, about $1400 each.
1.      Tear down with a chain was witnessed.
2.      Fund raising at Farmers’ Market or ask county [or?] for donation?
3.      Diane: Jack Russell Brauher knows generous contributor for sign restoration….will check.
C.     Birch will be doing waterproof paint on roof ASAP. [consider downspout improvements later]
D.    Continue discussion regarding Janitor.
E.     DeMellow: Restrict Angelina’s office activities.  Rent with Ashley only. Vote: Shawn and Patrice abstain and….discuss liability and waivers next meeting.

V.                New and Unfinished Business.
A.    Simone moved to accept resignation of Jennifer Meyers from the Board. Patrice second and all approved.  [Many thanks to Jennifer for her help!]
B.     Doug on Farmers’ Market :Begin to plan and advertise now to activate as soon as SUP. Simone: Create check list for vendors: Basic vendor rules for General Excise Tax and Food Safety issues.
C.     Dorothy: An Area 1 and Area 2 for larger market later. Twenty vendors that pay membership but no fee.
D.    Announce membership meeting on August 28, 2016 at 3:00.

VI. Meeting called to end by Simone at 4:53 with DeMellow second.  Everybody agreed!

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