Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24th 2016 Meeting Agenda

   HACA Council Meeting for April 24th, 2016

  1. Call to order: 3:23
            A. Roll Call and Quorum:

            B. Visitors Jen Ruggles and Travis.
            C. Patrice will notify Board of a meeting to discuss the background of our road issues.
   II.      Minutes approved.     
   III.     Secretary’s Report; A successful Plant Exchange on April 23; Sworn in John de Matteo.        

   IV.     Treasurer’s Report.    There are 200 members in response to mailout; 30 new transfers;
             $40,000 in Money Market. Ashley added that 40 more memberships came in since then.
             Laurie also brought up that our board is moving things forward steadily.  
   V.       Committee Reports.
              A. SUP; Shawn and Dorothy painting handicap parking spaces; Simone made motion
              To pay General Contractor $200 for labor plus materials and Patrice seconded.  Shawn
               Reported that the bathroom was made compliant for $500. [“Just say hello
               To the Building Inspector”] Research being done by Simone to define formula
                For handicapped parking.
               B. Shawn reported that Liability Insurance purchased for $2000 a year on a
               Payment schedule with a release clause.
               C.Laurie proposed and Jennifer seconded approving payment of $90 to Angelina
                For another month.  [Unanimous] Her duties include removing garbage bags and she
                Will be provided with needed cleaning tools.
                D. Compost Bin: Jennifer and Patrice will research and report at next meeting.
                E. Membership reminder letters being sent out in June by Jennifer with improvements
                For clarity.
       VI.      Meeting Jen Ruggles running for District 5:  “Passionate about improving people’s
                  Influence in government.  Bipartisan…..”I want to represent people”..”long history
                  Of organizing events and researching what works for people”.
       VII.      Quote of the meeting…”We have learned a lot and been brought together through
        VII.      Adjournment at 5:08  Shawn moved and Laurie seconded.

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