Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 20th Meeting Minutes

                HACA COUNCIL MEETING,  March 20, 2016

  1.      Call to order , 3:06
                 Roll Call:  Dorothy S., Mark Mc. , Diane W., Shawn B., Simone L., Jennifer M., Alex
                 S., Patrice Mac., and new members, Mac Brown and Carol Coggin.
  II.            Minutes from February 28, meeting approved. [Jennifer abstained]
  III.           No Secretary’s report.
  IV.           Treasurer’s Report:  The  yearly newsletter produced at end of February
                  Has so far produced about 115 members for HACA.
                  HARC is obligated for ⅓ of expense or $1,007.  [Jennifer volunteered to
                  Send out reminders in mid June to H.A. 4,000 land and homeowners to
                  Encourage membership payment.  Until any further research we will stick with
                  Present printing arrangement].
   V.            Committees:
  1. Insurance:  Simone and Shawn researching separate insurance providers and will
           Resolve before April meeting. [Events at Center influence cost of insurance…..
           We will follow the other subdivisions lead in naming events, i.e. Plant Exchange, etc.,
           And groups at center signing waivers and paying so center not liable. [Shawn propose
           $1 for our community beneficial rentals. [Table vote on how much to charge other
groups renting.]
     B.   SUP report by Dorothy:  Taking 5 years to determine that our clubhouse is a
            Community Center and not a “residence” in contractor’s hands.  Sheldon completed
            “Fire Hydrant”. Latest challenge…..they say to establish three cemented handicapped
            Parking spaces. [Investments and thank you parties await “finalling”.}
     C.   Employment: Shawn propose and Jennifer second Angelina will receive $90 a month
            For cleaning Center until discussion before next meeting. [Simone wants clear job description
            And Patrice thinks this is too much for simple 2 hour a week cleaning….two objections].
      D.  Maintenance:  Patrice doing research on Motion Sensor lights and cameras.  Shawn
            Repairing broken part on office lock and changing code. [Shawn proposed purchase
            Before next meeting and Mark seconded]  Mark recommends Duracell solar powered].
            Water purification in Center kitchen research committee will report at future meetlng.
            Simone brings up floor replacement and Jennifer suggests painting under-floor w/epoxy
            And on current flooring where possible…..all agree to wait until finalled.  Keiki
            Shelters also on hold until finalled.
VI.         New Business:
  1. Shawn propose and Jen second to allow (!) Doug S. to create a demo garden by
            Firehouse. [Patrice and Simone abstain for protection clarification reasons]
     B.   Patrice proposing two options on failing shade tree….save with pruning and neem
            Oil against wood borer and  wait to June and evaluate toward removal.
     C.   Simone brought up Albezia on the side of Rd. 8 and Helco being liable for
            Control on 40’ easement.
VII.      Adjourn at 5:06.  Shawn propose and Jen second.

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