Sunday, January 24, 2016

HACA Council Meeting, January 24th, 2016

                          HACA Council Meeting Agenda

                              January 24, 2016, 3:00

      Call to order, 3:00.

              A. Roll call count for Council Meeting
                  (Membership meeting moved to February)

              B. If present, introduce Mateo Tree Services rep. to discuss topping
                   or removing HACA yard trees and give quotes. [otherwise from
                   Dorothy under VI. New and Unfinished Business]

               C. Doug Schabel skills share proposal.  [or presented under VI. also]

   II.        Minutes from December 13, 2015.  [Partial reading of important points and

   III.        Secretary’s Report

               A. Continuing search for Area Reps for At Large, replace Dave H.;
                    Area 1 to replace Carmen K.; Area 2 to replace Andrew M.;
                    Area 3: two needed; Area 4 to replace Kate S.  
                    [Looking for dedicated volunteers interested in
                     improving the quality of life for all Acres residents]

    IV.        Treasurer’s Report

     V.         Committee Reports

                 A. Insurance

                 B. S.U.P.

                 C. Janitorial: Angelina, garbage bag removal.

                 D. Yearly newsletter

                 E. Keiki Shelters

                 F. Water Purification at Center

     VI.       New and Unfinished Business

                A. Helicopter flyovers report

                B. Discuss classes started and planned for 2016

                C. Center Rental Issues report

                D. Farmers’ Market Planning Committee?

                E. Patrice on her Albizia removal training

                F. If not covered above:  HACA yard Trees.

                G. Move meetings to 4th Sundays at 3 (after HARC meetings)

      VII.     Meeting Adjourned.

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