Sunday, January 24, 2016

January Council Meeting Minutes

HACA Council Meeting Minutes, Jan. 24, 2016
[Following HARC Meeting]

Call to Order; 3:11

Roll call for Council Meeting: Martie Buchanan, Bruce Birch, Dahl, Joyce S., Daryl S.,
Alex Shade, Shawn Beltz, Diane Winslow, Patrice MacDonald, John Demello, Dorothy
Sanger, Doug Schabell, Susan Tita. [two unreadable names with initial S.] Membership
meeting moved to February to allow adequate notice after yearly newsletter mailing.

B. Mateo Tree Services presentation: Certified arborist, licensed and insured, specialized in
dangerous trees. Discussed removing pine trees vulnerable to falling on center. Cost
$3,500, which includes chipping and/or hauling off. Would consider a community rate
if others have tree removal needs. [Group will vote in Feb. meeting after more people
are made aware]

C. Doug Schabell Presentation: Doug proposed to spearhead an independent
community Skills Fair in about 90 days that would include displays for HACA,
HARC, Local Farmers and Businesses, Community Watch, VFD, etc. One big
event, and with momentum follow on with community biz/skills list and individual
monthly workshops and classes. Non political, emphasize what we have in
common; hire local talent.

D. New member, Martie Buchanan said she appreciated the positive energy of our

E. Susan Tita commented on parking and bylaws.

II. Secretary’s Minutes; [Shawn moved and Dahl Seconded approval of Minutes…

III. Secretary’s Report: Alex Shade volunteering for Area 2 Rep…..approved...sworn
in by Diane….Diane list of Area Rep possible activities read and given to Alex.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: Verbal report with email to officers to follow. “Cut even” and
“covering our expenses”. In checking for 2015, $15,000.

V. Committee Reports:

A. Shawn on General Liability insurance: Best for now is $8,000 plus $20 per
100 at events. Discussion of excessive cost but necessary implementation.
Shawn moved we acquire this insurance for 2016 but actively research
a better deal. Treasurer, Laurie concerned it will take more than half
of our dispersible funds. The first vote was not binding to go ahead with
present information...4 agreed The second vote was to stick with this
insurance for this year….5 in favor and 2 against.

B. Dorothy on S.U.P.: brought up the list of the removed member’s offenses that
have greatly delayed the simple signing of our Special Use Permit and Certificate
of Occupancy as a community center. [Repeated complaints to the
County, regarding parking and gatherings in general resulting in loss of
Farmers’ Market for three years, and a community lunch social and now a recent
complaint regarding our plumbing and wiring. This former member’s agenda is
counterproductive to the Association’s charter working for the members and
residents of H.A., and is costing the community thousands of dollars. Despite
this continual irritant the S.U.P. committee has obtained another needed
signature and is encouraged for resolution soon.

C. Janitorial: Angelina has agreed to help with the cleanliness of the Center. A
new member, Bill, has agreed to take bags of garbage to dump weekly.

D. Maintenance: Patrice is working toward better back gating system; repair
and/or purchase of motion sensor lights and camera; pressure washing
and roof routine maintenance. Kea'au Transfer station paint from Martin Grotz.

E. Yearly newsletter going to artist; add Doug S. info and Alex Gentle Yoga.

F. Water purification: Report research next meeting. [Not to be community
everyday free water]

VI. Unfinished Business: Patrice….Be sure to mark out calendar on scheduled
classes. New classes on Kung Fu and Yoga in addition to Capoiera. Possible dog
owners club. Plan to introduce Farmers’ Market Planning committee.
Patrice stated she took Albizia removal class to learn about current methods…
ring bark or poison.

The HACA meetings are moved to 4th Sundays at 3:00 right after HARC, with the
exception of a few holidays:

Membership meetings: February 28th, May 22nd, August 28th, November 20th
Council meetings: January 24th, March 20th, April 24th, June 26th, July 24th,
September 25th, October 23rd, December 18th

VII. Meeting adjourned at 4:30.

Submitted by Diane Winslow, Secretary

HACA Council Meeting, January 24th, 2016

                          HACA Council Meeting Agenda

                              January 24, 2016, 3:00

      Call to order, 3:00.

              A. Roll call count for Council Meeting
                  (Membership meeting moved to February)

              B. If present, introduce Mateo Tree Services rep. to discuss topping
                   or removing HACA yard trees and give quotes. [otherwise from
                   Dorothy under VI. New and Unfinished Business]

               C. Doug Schabel skills share proposal.  [or presented under VI. also]

   II.        Minutes from December 13, 2015.  [Partial reading of important points and

   III.        Secretary’s Report

               A. Continuing search for Area Reps for At Large, replace Dave H.;
                    Area 1 to replace Carmen K.; Area 2 to replace Andrew M.;
                    Area 3: two needed; Area 4 to replace Kate S.  
                    [Looking for dedicated volunteers interested in
                     improving the quality of life for all Acres residents]

    IV.        Treasurer’s Report

     V.         Committee Reports

                 A. Insurance

                 B. S.U.P.

                 C. Janitorial: Angelina, garbage bag removal.

                 D. Yearly newsletter

                 E. Keiki Shelters

                 F. Water Purification at Center

     VI.       New and Unfinished Business

                A. Helicopter flyovers report

                B. Discuss classes started and planned for 2016

                C. Center Rental Issues report

                D. Farmers’ Market Planning Committee?

                E. Patrice on her Albizia removal training

                F. If not covered above:  HACA yard Trees.

                G. Move meetings to 4th Sundays at 3 (after HARC meetings)

      VII.     Meeting Adjourned.