Sunday, December 13, 2015

December Council Meeting Minutes

HACA Minutes for December 13, 2015

I. Call to order at 3:23 by Simone.

  A. Attendees: Simone Lindhardt, Shawn Beltz, Susan Tita, Bob Gentzel, Alex Shade, Ashley Gagnon, Jennifer Meyers, Diane Winslow, Dorothy Sanger, Peter Haunschildt, and Franny Brewer [BIISC]

  B. Visitor Presentation by Franny Brewer from
1. Albezia eradication project of U. of Hawaii for prevention and early detection and safe, no spray herbicide [Milestone] treatment.
2. Call Patrice for property owner training of work teams for communities
3. Project currently cannot pay for tree removal; for grants contact USDA low income rural development property improvement for them to come and evaluate.
  C. Member comments: Merry Christmas from Bob G.

II. Secretary reading and approval of November 15 minutes. Jennifer moved and Shawn second….Minutes approved with one correction.

III. Secretary’s Report: Diane stated the need for several Area Reps and volunteered to work with them. Alex Shade volunteered for Area 2 and will be sworn in at Jan. meeting.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: Laurie said the swing seats had cost less than expected and were installed.

V. Committees:

  A. Maintenance: Janitorial volunteer; Gutters in front have been improved; Swing seats installed.
  B. Dorothy….Certificate of Occupancy should resolve after Sheldon Lehman completes “Fire Hydrant” in early January which we consider is the last task.

  C. Jennifer and Shawn coming down home stretch on Annual Newsletter.

VI. Unfinished Business:
  A. Diane presented information on Bio-Logic ultraviolet combo U.V. and cartridge system for under counter at $500.  Informally approved for comparison shop.  Side note: Simone report on Keiki Shelters next month.

  B. Shawn presented liability insurance tentative quote at $8,000 per year. [comments regarding excessive expense with last year income at $25,000; other bids will be considered, as well as including Farmers’ Market considered in current bid...all agreed necessity.]

  C. Helicopter Flyover: Bob G. in contact with committee on this and will post meetings.

VII. Member Special Announcement: 
Peter Haunschildt presented announcement that with his mother and sister, they are creating a special family gift project to the Acres. 
The Haunschildt Foundation will serve people in need, protect indigenous plants and provide special education and daycare programs by donation with a proposed 12 Acre startup and 1.5 million dollar budget and 1% donated to HACA and road equipment to be donated in 2020.
VIII. Meeting adjourned at 4:30.

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