Sunday, November 15, 2015

November Council Meeting Minutes

Hawaiian Acres Council Meeting Minutes, November 15th, 2015 -- Diane Winslow

Call to Order at 3:22 by V.P., Shawn Beltz

Attendees: Patrice M., Dorothy S., Mark M., Rachel M., Ashley, Shawn, Jennifer,

Laurie B, Diane, Nick Owens by proxy. [Andrew resigning]

Community Input: Dorothy S. made a suggestion that the Center have a water

purification system and other community disaster support…..this brought forth a

discussion of many ideas:

+Disaster friendly center with phone tree for chain saws and generators.

+On FaceBook/ our website, preparedness and self sufficiency advice.

+Solar on our wish list.

Diane volunteered to research water purifiers and report at December meeting.

II. Approval of minutes for October 18, 2015

[There was a correction of the amount paid for the building plans and copies

to $685]

Patrice made motion to approve amended minutes and Jennifer seconded.

III. There was no Secretary’s report.

IV. Treasurer’s Report: Laurie waiting to hear about insurance.

V. Committee Reports:

A. Patrice on Maintenance: A better plan needed for Janitorial and possible

hire garbage service; also need chains, locks and a big gate on wish list.

B. A neighbor, Angelina, will be asked regarding center cleaning.

C. Office manager plays some role in maintaining center

D. Rachel reported price for two swing seat replacements which came to

near $120. Motion to order by Patrice with second by Jennifer. Unanimous..

VI. Unfinished Business.

A. It was moved approve the purchase of Water Connection Valve for Firehouse

in order to proceed with County Approval of S.U.P. now with six month to comply

with the approximately $2,000 setup. Jennifer proposed and Shawn seconded…

unanimous vote.

B. Jennifer presented plans for yearly all resident newsletter.

C. Shawn proposed policy “all members assume the risk for participation in

events”. Liability insurance group working through broker questions.

D. Patrice was appointed “Alien Eradicator” for her connection to groups

eradicating various invasives. She will report from groups, check on grant

sources and making “Milestone” albizia poison available in small amounts.

Jennifer moved and Shawn seconded Patrice appointment...all approved.

E. Bob G. Helicopter Flyover Project was discussed and Diane was

asked to listen to October 18 meeting and pull out wording of our

formal statement in support. [“Hawaiian Acres Community Association

condemns noise and invasion of privacy.”] Patrice moved and Laurie second to give our association’s support to Mountain View petition. Vote unanimous.

VII. Meeting adjourned at 5:30. Next meeting December 13 at 3:00.

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