Sunday, October 18, 2015

HACA Membership Meeting Agenda: Sunday October 18th

Hawaiian Acres Community Association
Membership Meeting
Sunday, Oct 18th 2013
3:00 PM
HACA Center, Roads 8 & C


I. Call to order

- Roll Call

- Determination if quorum for membership meeting is present in person or by proxy (min 30/10%)

- Changes/additions to the posted agenda? (2/3 vote required for changes.)
- Visitor comments (if meeting reverts to regular council meeting in the absence membership quorum):

limited to 2 minutes per guest and should relate to agenda item.

II. Approval of minutes - September 2015 council meeting

III. President's Report - Welcome board members members and guests. - Simone

IV. Secretary's Report – Diane

V. Treasurer's Report – Laurie

VI. Committee Reports
A. Maintenance – Patrice
B. Market committee – Dorothy / John

VII. Unfinished Business
A. Liability Insurance Update – Shawn

B. Annual Newsletter Requirements and Mailing – All Council Members

C. Bus shelters – Simone / Andrew

VIII. New Business

A. VFD and Neighborhood Watch Independence – Shawn

B. Welcome Pamphlet for new members and transfers – Jennifer

C. New wireless router ordered; faster Internet for members – Nick

D. HACA Phone # Update – Nick

IX. Future Agenda Items
A. Bylaw Amendments

1. Transfer fee memberships - Laurie

2. Reaffirming chartered responsibilities for council and membership - Shawn

X. Next meeting: Regular Council meeting; Sunday November 15th at 3pm in the HA Community Center.

XI. Adjourn

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