Sunday, August 16, 2015

HACA Board Meeting Minutes: Sunday, August 16

The HACA Board gathered for an emergency executive session at 3:15, after apologizing to the small group who had not heard about the change of the first part of our meeting to a closed session. Attending were Laurie Birch, Simone Lindhardt, Dave Huff, Andrew Miles, Dahl Owens, Patrice McDonald, Diane Winslow, Glenda Boehner, and Jennifer and Mark on proxies held by Simone. No minutes were kept for this one hour session. The open meeting with minutes convened at 4:15 with Unfinished Business:

Thanks given to Bob Gentzel [not present] for his Janitorial work but we are ending his employ as of today and a check for ½ month will be paid.

Motion by Dave and seconded by Laurie, and unanimous vote.

2. Area Reps: Carmen Ka’ana’ana from Area 1 has chosen to leave the board by her

actions and must be replaced. Lawrence Bergner has stated he wants to continue.

Diane is asking Reps to make area reports for the Newsletter.

3. Keiki Bus Shelters for the kids and the good will:

Andrew and Dave will gather materials and make design; Simone will donate some

building materials; Simone will check with County regarding placing shelters on the

40 foot easement.

4. Earl Jambura is resigning as V.P. but will remain an active member.

Shawn has expressed a willingness to complete Earls term.

5. Glenda will be added as a HACA bank signator to help when Laurie is

incapacitated. Laurie made the motion for this and Andrew Seconded….

a unanimous vote.

6. Simone will make arrangements for Matson Clean Up container.

7. Bill Boehner made dowls to lock HACA Center windows. (Thanks Bill!)

New Business

Make arrangements to borrow [from HARC] or buy a Go-Pro Camera to

record meetings, etc.

2. Road 8 has major deep pot holes as well as undermining flowing water.

Simone (?) will contact DPW to ask for repairs.

Adjourn at 5:00 (?)