Monday, October 23, 2017

Second Saturday Membership Drive


Hawaiian Acres Farmer's Market will be featuring a table with HACA (Hawaiian Acres Community Association) information and taking memberships ($30 a year includes privilege to use high speed wifi at the center 24/7 and rent the building for events, etc...).  This will be every 2nd Saturday during our Sat Farmer's Mkt.

Stop by on Saturday between 10am. and 3pm and say hi and pay your membership dues!



ATTENTION:  Hawaiian Acres community members

The community association is working on getting the community center painted.

We are sponsoring a VOLUNTEER WORK "PARTY" on:

SUNDAY, OCT 29th 10am-pau

POTLUCK: Bring a snack or dish to share with others if you like

PROJECT:  Finish preparing the building for painting

ANOTHER work party to be scheduled to actually paint.  You can share your preference on colors anytime such as at the Saturday Farmer's Market, this work party or in the office during business hours when center is open:


Mon and Tues -9am-2pm

Wed and Thurs-8am-1pm


Monday, October 16, 2017

October 22nd 2017 Meeting Agenda

October 22nd 2017 Agenda

                                          HACA Council Meeting Agenda
l.        Call to order, 3:00

            a.     Hawaiian Telephone representatives will present information on their         work in the acres to install fiber optics and high speed internet.                        Discussion with community members.
ll.      Presidents Report-KlausPeter Jager-

lll. Vice President Report-Gladys Shade
            a.     -Market Vendors- food permits for prepared foods-give them copy of                guidelines from booklet Doug sent by e-mail. 

lV. Secretary’s Report-Patrice Macdonald-

V. Treasurer’s Report-Glenda Boehner-

Vl. Old Business:
            a.     Building painting project-choosing colors-votes of community                         members? How?
            b.     Schedule next work day and potluck-open to community or just                      board?
            c.      Rental of center-finalize new policy and print and post.
        Vll. New Business:
             a.     Membership drive 1x month at the Farmer’s Market-Board member               at a table giving information on membership and accepting                               payments?
Next meeting: November 19th,2017

           Vlll. Meeting Adjourned

Sunday, October 15, 2017

September 24th 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 24th
 HACA Meeting Minutes
Call to order 3:00
                        Presenter- HICOP.ORG Petition information for helicopter noise. Information on flight paths and proposed rules and regulations trying to be passed.
 Board voted to support the organization 6 ayes 1 abstention.

I.                   President’s Report Klauspeter Jager-
a.     Loose dogs in HA- contact Humane Society about traps. Dogs near forest reserve are aggressive and roaming in a pack.
b.     Outdoor security lights must be replaced- theft issue from private building rental.

II.                 Vice President’s Report- Gladys Shade-
a.     Building rental policy- Classes $1.00 per hour/Private Events $3.00
b.     $50 Deposit required as well as member in good standing
c.      All liability waivers must be completed before event date
1.     Farmer’s Market-
a.     Gladys- Motion for Pam & Doug to be on Farmer’s Market committee and manage à 6 aye 0 No
                                                                                                                                      i.      The above will do posters, advertising, sign-in sheets, collect fees etc. Office manager will work with both persons to come up with a description of duties.

III.              Secretary’s Report- Patrice Macdonald-
a.     Transportation & Land use committee-
b.     Looking for grants and money for our parks- HPP given 40 million and no money for us.

IV.              Treasurer’s Report- Glenda Boehner-
a.     August P & L
                                                              i.      -$3091.99 For the month
                                                            ii.      Reminder cards- $935.78
                                                          iii.      Year to date memberships- 344 ($10,998)
                                                         iv.       Year to date transfer fees- 111 ($11,100)

V.                Office Manager Report-
a.     Current membership YTD- 344 (+76 since last month)
b.     Taxes paid on all 3 properties this month - $203.00 per lot
c.      Building rental- must be pre-scheduled. No last minute rentals because building is closing.
d.     Hawaiian Tel will be doing fiber installation at the end of October. They request to speak at next meeting.

VI.              Other business-
a.     Building painting project- schedule a day for prep/paint work and potluck. Board members chose 10/30 at 10:00

Meeting closed 4:46 Pm 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Hawaiian Acres Farmer's Market

Happy New Year! 

We want to thank all of our customers and local vendors that have made the opening season of the 2017 Hawaiian Acres Farmers' Market a success.

We are updating our agreement for 2018. So, if you have been a vendor in 2017 please let us know if you want to be included in our 2018 market.

We welcome new vendors.  However, we would like to know what you are planning on selling  and when you are going to start, in order to make sure we reserve a space for you.

Also, if you are a community member and would like to volunteer to help promote the market or help facilitate the day to day logistics of setting up, parking monitoring etc. just let us know.   

 This is the perfect time to stop by and talk story.

For more information, email:

Vendors, here is information on what can be sold at Farmer's Markets with and without a permit!

Please review our Vendor Agreement form

The fine print: No fees, but vendors must register with the market manager as spots are limited. Please park parallel in front of the center, or park in the paved or gravel lots behind the center. No parking across the street, as that is someone else's private property. Mahalo!