Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bids for Painting Community Center Roof

Calling for bids for painting Hawaiian Acres Community Center roof.  We have the paint, primer and tools.  Call the community center on Monday or Tuesday June 26th/27th at 808-966-9892 between 9am-2pm and talk to Ashley.  Or you can drop a written bid in letter box by the door.  Or you can leave phone message with your contact information during non-business hours. Bids close at midnight on Tuesday June 27th, 2017.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Building closed 6/20/17

Our Community Center will be closed on Tuesday 6/20/17 for maintenance. 
We will resume regular hours on wednesday.


Office Manager

Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 21st 2017 Meeting Agenda

May 28th Agenda
HACA Council Meeting 
May 28th, 2017

HACA Council Meeting Agenda

    I.           Call to order, 3:00
Presenter: Craig Taylor: Illegal Trash Dumping in the Acres

    II. President's Report

    III. Vice President's Report
    IV. Secretary’s Report

    V.  Treasurer’s Report- P&L for April

   VI. Office Manager Report
            Certificate of Final approval for Farmer’s Market
        Purchase of Paint, Ladder, and white board for building maintenance.  
     V.       Committee Reports

      Farmer’s Market Committee - First meeting May 20th 2:30pm at Market.

    VI.       Old Business
A. Matson Clean-up update- We did not have enough volunteers to participate this year. Must have 25- 30 people willing to do a full day (8hours) at least.

B. HARC Discussion- waiting for reply from President

C. 4H Club-processing applications

D. Exterminator - pest issues solved
VII. New Business

A. Community Center Security
1. Several vandalisms, illegal entry, proper damage
2. Results of Security Company research
2. Costs
3. Discussion
4. Motion
5. Vote

B. Volunteer Fire Department
1. No response to several emails requesting firefighters name and info. Must complete before June 4th to have access for training.
2. Results of HFD report on fire at Community center
3. Discussion

C. The Herald News Box
1. President called May 1st for them to pick up or we repurpose. Spoke with staff member. No response back. Only 3 subscribed users. 
2. Discussion
3. Motion to repurpose
4. Vote

 Next meeting   June 25th 2017

                        VIII.     Meeting Adjourned

Monday, May 1, 2017

New Vice President

Aloha Members,
Please help us welcome our new Vice President Alex Shade.
She has been an integral part of the Board as well as a dedicated Volunteer in the last administration and the current one, and is well liked by all.
As a former Psychotherapist, she brings with her years of life experience, quiet diplomacy in communications, task follow through, willingness to assist and impeccable business ethics.
We welcome her in this position and look forward to growing the Community together.


Friday, April 14, 2017

April 23rd Meeting Agenda

HACA Council Meeting April 23th, 2017

HACA Council Meeting Agenda

    I.           Call to order, 3:00

    II. President's Report

    III. Vice President's Report

    IV       Secretary’s Report

    V.      Treasurer’s Report/Office Manager Report
     VI.       Committee Reports
    VII.       New and Unfinished Business
            A. Matson Clean-up Application status

B. HARC Discussion- Office use, utilities, and responsibilities.      
            -We are scheduling a date for next month.

C. 4H Club-paused for now while they process member applications

D. Exterminator/Pro hire. We have pest issues

E. Farmer’s Market Vendor of the week

F. Power wash and repair roof- Dahl/Bruce Birch
 G. Next meeting

      VIII.     Meeting Adjourned

Friday, March 31, 2017

March 26th 2017 Meeting Minutes

March 26th meeting minutes

I.                    Call to order 3:00 pm
II.                  Presenters- Speed limits on Moho Rd.
a.       Joseph Peardon- dog hit on Moho rd between C & D. Signs are 15 mph in that area. Messages have been left for SGT Davis, but no return phone calls. Requesting signatures on a petition for the following
                                                               i.      Increased enforcement on speeders
                                                             ii.      Speed humps
                                                            iii.      Stop signs
III.                President’s Report – Susan absent but sent email- read by Patrice
a.       Sustainable Farming
b.      Farmer’s Market opening time changed from 12pm to 10 am.
c.       4H club has a new coordinator
d.      Matson clean up-need to get this happening for spring clean up
IV.                Vice President’s report-
a.       Update chalk board signs for current events.
b.      Designate the cork boards on the building for certain categories.
c.       Rent out boards for advertising in HA
d.      Ohia scalping is happening. Please document any future happenings and report to police.
1.       Motion for purchase of Fly traps-à Second Glenda  Ayes 8 No 0
2.       Voice recorder for meetings. à Second Glenda Ayes 8 No 0
3.       Patrick would like to make small signs for the roads off Moho.  Including both Hawaiian names and the Letters. à Second Patrice Ayes 8 No 0
e.      Parking issues- Discussion on changing parking.  we can legally park at a 90 degree angle or reverse angle parking. Double lane parallel parking is not ok. Single vehicles cannot exit while double parallel parked. This will be tabled until next meeting pending more  research.
V.                  Secretary Report-  Proposing better communication – would the board like a filing cabinet for the executive committee? Access to info- each have their own folder.
VI.                Treasure Reports- Financial statements- itemized breakdown- print the more detailed report to have on file for easy access.
VII.              Office Manager Report-
a.       Membership is 142 members as of March 1st 2017
b.      Plus $3396.05 for the year.
1.       Motion to increase office manager hours from 10 to 15 à Ayes 8 No 0
VIII.            Area 3 rep- Not much to report. Good Samaritan doing road work along G.
IX.                HA Rock- All work that is done is paid for. Further costs are upcoming for lifting rock into place and drilling holes in the base. Simone is applying for permit via county inspector.

Adjourned 4:12 pm 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 26th 2017 Meeting Agenda

March 26th 2017 Meeting Agenda

I. Call to order, 3:00

A. Quorum: Members & Guest’s

B. Presenters

II. President's Report--HI County Council member Jennifer Ruggles Office, resolution that directly affects HA residents to support the legislation for Sustainable Living Research Sites on Hawaii Island and throughout the State. To find out more on updates visit

III. Vice President's Report

IV. Secretary's Report

V. Treasurer’s Report

VI. Office Manager Report

VII. Area Rep's Reports

VIII Committee Reports

-Farmer’s Market: VENDORS MEETING 18th 9 AM. Discussion of meeting results

--Mahalo to Doug Schabel for marketing and assisting its development

IX. New Business

-- Office Manager Hours: Currently 10 hours per week since 2014. Hours for this position was reduced due to low membership, which we've doubled since then. 15 hours requested since office duties have increased with increased Membership and Community participation.

--- Finalize Hawaiian Acres ROCK installation: Contact original o, County Permit Inspector and investigate what we need to complete installation ASAP, Find a Licensed/Bonded Contractor to drill & place boulder/rock

--- Septic System Treatment: Sytem is full and smells. Purchased RID-X to treat full system for 30 days. After such time will determine if a pump is required.

X. Old Business

A. Janitorial: Reduced janitorial pay from $90 per month to $65 to reflect trash removal service. Job description presented for board approval. Angelina has option to accept new position pay or put position out for new bid by March 31st.

B. 2 Additional water containers Purchased.

C. Patrick & Patrice Repaired broken window with Plexiglas

D. 4H Agriculture Club commenced March 7th 4-5 pm. It was a huge success and large turnout of over 20 families participating and more enrolling. Coordinators did a press release and PSA's to the local communities.

F. Monthly Brunch/Luncheon @2pm before Monthly Council meeting commencing March 26th 2017

G. Update on Community Awareness Group (CAG) formerly Community Watch with Officer Haskell

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Farmer's Market information

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at Hawaiian Acres, please follow the link and submit your registration information. There is currently no fee for vending, but we do ask that all vendors be current on membership dues. Mahalo

 Hawaiian Acres Vendor Registration Sheet

February 26th Meeting Minutes

February 26th Meeting Minutes

I.                   Call to order 3:06
Discussion : Shawn- Mahalo on the painting of the parking lot.

II.                 Dorothy : Susan Tita threatens and defamation of Community Association.

III.              Swear in Peter Jager area 3 Representative.

IV.             Reports from each branch.

a.     Emails for board members
b.    Office manager report 40 members current financials January $1895.56 brought in.

V.                Farmers Market-
a.     Volunteers needed to open and close market each week.
b.    Need a HACA Booth during market to receive dues payments.

VI.             New Business
a.     4h Club children’s agriculture
b.    Farming practices
c.     More information coming to schedule presentation.
d.    New Bill HB172 must have testimony by feb 24th
e.     Community Watch- set a date but not associated with HA.
f.       Albizia Tree Killing- If needed call Patrick

VII.           Janitorial- Motion to reduce monthly cleaning pay from $90.00 per month to $65.00 per month to reflect the trash removal bill. Angelina can accept new bid or we can put out for new contract.  Vote Aye-7 Nay-0 Abstain-1

VIII.        Harc discussion tabled until next meeting.

IX.              Handy Man application are being accepted for building issues. Each job will have a bid individually. Not hourly.
1.    GE Tax
2.    Liability insurance
X.                Water Containers-
a.     Purchase 2 Additional 5 Gallon

XI.              Suggested monthly Brunch before meeting
1.    Aye 7
2.    Abstention 1  

Adjourned 4:16

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 26th Meeting Agenda 2017

HACA Council Meeting February 26th, 2017
HACA Council Meeting Agenda

I.           Call to order, 3:00

            A. Quorum: Members & Guest’s present
            B. Presenters

 II.       Secretary’s Report

III.      Treasurer’s Report/Office Manager Report
New Class update-Vinyesa Yoga Instructor

IV.       Committee Reports

                        -Farmer’s Market
V.       New and Unfinished Business

 A. Janitorial: Reduction of janitorial pay. Current pay $90 per month, reduced to $65 to reflect trash removal service. Job description presented for board approval. Angelina has option to accept new position pay or put position out for new bid.

B. HARC Discussion- Office use, utilities, and responsibilities.

C. Handy Man application for onsite repairs being accepted. Discuss parameters. 
                                    -Window Repair-Suggested Plexiglas to replace

D. Additional water containers needed-Purchase 4 to 6 more.

E. Online form for market vendors-
Created to help simplify the process. Application can be filled out online and submitted electronically.
F. Proposed Monthly Brunch before meeting on Sunday.
 G. Next meeting March 26th, 2017

      VI.     Meeting Adjourned

Monday, February 20, 2017

January 2017 Meeting Minutes

General membership meeting   January 22, 2017

Call to order :
Meeting convened at 15:36
1) no quorum for annual membership meeting.  No issues effected .
2) election:
New candidates sworn in :

 Remove Simone Lindhardt ADD Susan Chesley : president
 Remove Shawn Beltz ADD Patrick Faris: vice president
Glenda Boehner: Treasurer Remains
Remove Diane Winslow ADD Patrice Macdonald: secretary 
Remove the following Area Reps
Nick Owens, Jennifer Meyers, Laurie Birch, Mark McClintick
Add the Following Members:
Area 1:
Area 2: Alex Shade Remains
Area 3: Diane Winslow
             Peter Jager
Area 4:  Earl Jambura
Noted many ballots still not received .
Committee reports:
3) Farmers market:
More volunteers needed Saturday
Discussion on staggering days for those in charge.
A)  Perhaps a schedule of one person per week discussed rotating volunteers.
 B) FM market is Very compliant with parking rules and membership participation has increased
   1) Attendants are correctly removing vehicles away from
incorrect parking
   2) One complainant on issue of "three cars wide parking".
4) Maintenance:
Susan C motion.
Change the schedule of
 cleaning woman to avoid cleaning before Saturday lunch and market.  We have to clean CC again after market.
  A) find a schedule for Angelina that works.
Motion by Susan C to change Angelina hours. Second by Earl. 7 ayes 0 nays
Secretary Report:
Please read bylaws; charter and Nonprofit rules for 501(4c).

New committee and updates next month. 

Adjourned 16:17

Monday, February 13, 2017

E komo mai!

Now we've made it even easier for interested Farmer's Market Vendors to Register and sign up Online!  ------->>>>   

Our goal for the Hawaiian Acres Farmers Market is to create an outlet for the small scale agricultural farmer, craftsman, artist, and others to sell their Island grown fruits, vegetables, crafts, and other products to the community.

Please join us each Saturday from 10-3pm and support Hawaiian Acres Community and your neighbors sustainable business ventures!

A hui hou kakou!