Friday, July 28, 2017

July 23rd 2017 HACA Meeting Minutes

July 23rd 2017
HACA Meeting Minutes

HACA Council Meeting Agenda

        Call to order, 3:00

I.                    President's Report- Peter Jager-
a.     Donated refrigerator-Full size refrigerator donated at zero cost to us. Installed and working perfectly. Figure out what to do with the mini fridge that is still in working order.
b.     Food Basket- Kat will be attending the farmer’s market on Aug. 12th 10 a.m. for food distribution. They also have an EBT machine to purchase bulk produce bags.
c.      Hawaiian Acres entrance stone- this item will be tabled until further notice- motion to table 6 Ayes 1 Abstain.
II.                 VP- Alex Shade not present-
1.     Discussion on Famer’s Market manager- We need to find a volunteer manager who is vetted and trusted and create a contract for them.
III.              Treasurer Report
1.     Glenda would like the financials added to the agenda. This would be membership count, bank balance etc. She will let office manager know exactly what will be added. She will also be getting with OM about changing some labels on the QuickBooks report.
2.     Discussion on how to get more memberships- how to bring in more members aside from reminder cards and newsletters.
a.      Silent auction/Raffle with donations from businesses.   
b.     Hawaiian Acres T-shirts/Stickers
c.      Bingo-winning prizes etc
d.     “smoker money” and monthly drawings
3.     -$4712.57 for the month of June.  -$2472.73 for the Year. We paid our $8200 insurance up front this year. This explains our negative for the year.
IV.              Office Manger Report- Ashley          
                                                          i.      243 Members thru June.
                                                        ii.      Postcard reminder will be drafted by Friday 7/28- we will not be sharing postcards/printing/mailing with HARC. We will be using Office Max for printing with 50% discount.
                                                      iii.      Paypal report- online payment system statements available. There was confusion on how this feature works and what we do with the funds in the account. All paypal funds are deposited directly into our HFS checking account. Paypal has “bank statements” just like any bank account. Monthly report will be available in corp. binder.
                                                      iv.      Amazon Business account- Motion for office manager to use this account to order supplies. 6 Ayes 0 No – OM must do price comparison and take advantage of any deals in town.
                                                        v.      OM will list membership count vs same time last year. That way we can see where we are at month for month.
                                                      vi.      HARC has cut us a check for combined payments- $360 for 12 memberships since January.

V.                New business-
a.     What projects are coming up in the near future?
                                                          i.      Water pump/leaks
                                                        ii.      Outside painting of building
                                                      iii.      Rotten wood needs replaced on back side of building- evidence of termites etc.
                                                      iv.      Fire Ant Treatment- Call Joe Tucker to get community center treated. This needs to include the culvert where they are breeding.

VIII.     Meeting Adjourned  4:21 P.M

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 23rd 2017 Meeting Agenda

July 23rd 2017 Agenda

HACA Council Meeting Agenda

    I.           Call to order, 3:00

    II. President's Report- Peter Jager
a.     Donated refrigerator- vote
b.     Roof power washing and painting- complete
c.      Food Basket- Aug 12th Farmer’s Market 10 am
d.     Hawaiian Acres entrance stone  -  moving forward
e.     Discussion on upcoming priorities for the community center
                                                                          i.      What project is next?
                                                                        ii.      What issues need addressed?
                                                                      iii.      What do we need to accomplish in the next 30/60 days?
III. Vice President's Report- Alex Shade
i.                    Farmer’s Market manager- Discussion
IV. Secretary’s Report- Patrice Macdonald
i.        Explanation of law that was vetoed this week.

V.  Treasurer’s Report- P&L for June
VI. Office Manager Report
                                    Membership end of June 243 vs 506 end of last year.
                                    Mailing of reminder cards- HARC
                                    Paypal-How it works
                                    Amazon- auto ship of supplies

VII. New Business- Discussion

 Next meeting    August 27th 2017

VIII.     Meeting Adjourned

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Bids for Painting Community Center Roof

Calling for bids for painting Hawaiian Acres Community Center roof.  We have the paint, primer and tools.  Call the community center on Monday or Tuesday June 26th/27th at 808-966-9892 between 9am-2pm and talk to Ashley.  Or you can drop a written bid in letter box by the door.  Or you can leave phone message with your contact information during non-business hours. Bids close at midnight on Tuesday June 27th, 2017.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Building closed 6/20/17

Our Community Center will be closed on Tuesday 6/20/17 for maintenance. 
We will resume regular hours on wednesday.


Office Manager

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 2017 Minutes

May 28th 2017 Meeting Minutes

I.                   Call to order 3:00 pm
II.                 Presenter : Craig Taylor – Illegal dumping in HA
                                                              i.      Illegal dumping sites-items identify dumper
                                                            ii.      Suggested posting signs on the avenues to discourage dumping or encourage trash pick up
                                                          iii.      Sight HRC number on signs and post fine amount
III.              President’s Report
a.     Farmer’s Market- Geneva Jackson and Alex Shade helping with the farmer’s market committee.
b.     VFD contact info updated. 2014 members, but will contact for updates.
c.      HACA entrance Sign- Patrick Merrit- the money paid for the stone was for completion. Working on getting the stone erected onto the base.
d.     Motion to appoint Alex Shade VP- 9 ayes 0 nays
                                                              i.      Remove Patrick Faris

IV.              Vice President’s report-
a.     Plan accomplishments for the year. What do you want to accomplish with your time as a board member? Set goals as a board.

V.                Secretary Report-
a.     Matson Clean up application- we do not have enough people to do the clean up at this time.  
b.     Community Watch must be kept separate from HACA due to liability reasons.
c.      Secretary will help email minutes and agenda before meetings.
d.     Security- We need outdoor lights replaced on building. àtabled for more research on pricing and options.
VI.              Treasure Reports-
a.     – $195.63 for the month
b.     Electric bill up $15 over average- helco increase?
c.      Audit- Spoke to last auditor and have contact info 
                                                              i.      We can have 3 people not associated with HACA perform audit.
d.     Expect insurance check for $4000 to clear next month.

VII.           Office Manager Report-
a.     Membership- 194 members
b.     Drafting reminder post cards to be mailed out june/july
c.      We will be paying insurance in full- our agent didn’t process the financing
d.     We will compare membership from previous year to current year to keep track of progress.

Adjourned 4:24

Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 21st 2017 Meeting Agenda

May 28th Agenda
HACA Council Meeting 
May 28th, 2017

HACA Council Meeting Agenda

    I.           Call to order, 3:00
Presenter: Craig Taylor: Illegal Trash Dumping in the Acres

    II. President's Report

    III. Vice President's Report
    IV. Secretary’s Report

    V.  Treasurer’s Report- P&L for April

   VI. Office Manager Report
            Certificate of Final approval for Farmer’s Market
        Purchase of Paint, Ladder, and white board for building maintenance.  
     V.       Committee Reports

      Farmer’s Market Committee - First meeting May 20th 2:30pm at Market.

    VI.       Old Business
A. Matson Clean-up update- We did not have enough volunteers to participate this year. Must have 25- 30 people willing to do a full day (8hours) at least.

B. HARC Discussion- waiting for reply from President

C. 4H Club-processing applications

D. Exterminator - pest issues solved
VII. New Business

A. Community Center Security
1. Several vandalisms, illegal entry, proper damage
2. Results of Security Company research
2. Costs
3. Discussion
4. Motion
5. Vote

B. Volunteer Fire Department
1. No response to several emails requesting firefighters name and info. Must complete before June 4th to have access for training.
2. Results of HFD report on fire at Community center
3. Discussion

C. The Herald News Box
1. President called May 1st for them to pick up or we repurpose. Spoke with staff member. No response back. Only 3 subscribed users. 
2. Discussion
3. Motion to repurpose
4. Vote

 Next meeting   June 25th 2017

                        VIII.     Meeting Adjourned